• Stern Lift 2

    Stern Lift the Ophthalmic Instrument Table with electric drive for two devices is designed for compact and convenient placement of ophthalmic devices. It is designed specifically for small offices and doctors who value comfort and progress while working.

What could be put on Lift 2?
  • Autorefractometer
  • Ophthalmological perimeter
  • Non-contact pneumotonometer
  • Slit lamp
  • Any other device weighing up to 60 kg
Features of the Stern Lift 2
Affordable price
We were able to provide such a low cost because of Russian materials, simple construction
and minimalistic design.
Your power supply unit
would be not in the way
The made of pressure-treated wood lower part of the working surface will allow you to fix the power supply of almost any device with ordinary screws on wood.
Convenient control
The touch panel reacts sensitively even to light touches made in gloves.
Solid base
The base made of 8 mm steel ensures maximum structural stability. When moving on an uneven floor, the table does not shake.
High-quality materials
The base of the Lift 2 frame is made of durable thick Russian steel. Powder coating ensures maximum durability of steel painting. The working surface is laminated with HPL panels. They provide excellent wear resistance and appearance.
Easy to relocate
Wheels with German-made bearings, a heavy base and a long power cable make it easy to move the Lift 2 around the cabinet.
Specifications and Configuration
Technical parameters



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