• Stern Talmo

    Reliable and functional workplace of an ophthalmologist

Key features
Overall dimensions Talmo
Strength and stability of the structure
Convenient worktop control
The comfort of a stylish chair for the patient
Excellent ergonomics
Features of the Talmo
Compact arrangement of all devices in one place
Convenience and comfort for the doctor
Modern stylish design
High level of comfort for the patient
The speed of conducting a comprehensive examination of one patient increases significantly
Control the height of the chair and the brightness of the lamp from the central touch panel
Advantages of the Talmo workplace
Talmo is an inexpensive, reliable and multifunctional workplace of an ophthalmologist for 2 devices, the main features of which are:
  • Rotary-extendable table with electric drive for two devices
  • Upper lighting diode lamp
  • The possibility of installing a lens box
  • Choose from 12 color combinations!

  • Swivel chair with electric height adjustment
  • Bracket for the sign projector
Create your ownworkplace
01 Choose the colour


Sky blue
Pastel green
Orange and white
Grey and white
Black and white
Charcoal and black
White - coal
Dark - grey
Ocean + 10 000 rub.
Jungle + 10 000 rub.
Custom paint job
+ 15 000 rub.


Optional accessories
Specifications         Bracket for a foroptor
for the workplace of an ophthalmologist Stern PNT.100-01
Variant for installation on the workplace of the ophthalmologist "STERN"
The amount of rotation 365 mm
The amount of vertical movement 450 mm
Diameter of the attachment point 16 mm
Load capacity 4,7...7,0 kg
Weight 7,4 kg
Photos taken by our clients
Reviews (2)

Advantages: VERY solid construction. We are putting 2 devices and the table does not sink by a millimeter at all. It looks just amazing, also we are very pleased with the price.

Disadvantages: the drives are a little noisy, there is no foropter included. During operation, scratches were placed on the surface of the table, apparently the paint is not very resistant.

March 10, 2017, Moscow

Advantages: we purchased an "ophthalmic workplace" for the installation of an autorefractometer and a slit lamp, we really liked the colors and quality of materials.

Disadvantages: The whole unit hardly went into the office, only the chair and the light rod could be removed.

December 5, 2016, Moscow
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