• Stern Kinesio tape

    Revolutionary Taping Method to Support Muscles and Sinews

  • Stern Kinesio tape

    Does Not Limit the Freedom. Naturally Relaxes and Recovers the Muscles

Innovations of Kinesio tape
Does Not Hinder Movement
Taped muscles work naturally, thanks to Stern Kinesio Tape, which can stay put for 5 to 7 days. This allows the tape to support the muscles while working, resting, or exercising.
Supports Muscles 24 Hours a Day
Structural properties of the tape offer therapeutic effect for 24 hours
Water Resistant
This unique property is possible due to the cotton base, which facilitates moisture evaporation from the tape's surface
No Need for Frequent Replacement
Kinesio Tape does not lose its original characteristics even if the muscles move rapidly and repeatedly and is worn for a long period of time.
Features of Kinesio Tape
Elastic Kinesio Tape has a hypoallergenic adhesive basis. This makes it useful when urgent and effective recovery of injured (traumatized) muscles, joints, and sinews is required. The tape is also good for intensive prevention of injuries. Unlike various bandages and conventional adhesive tapes, Kinesio Tape does not cause further damage but rather helps to significantly improve blood circulation and lymph flow where ever it is applied.
  • It offers a maximum recovering effect thanks to its elastic "breathable" structure of light and thin material.
  • The tape imitates physical properties of human skin. That is why it is almost undetectable to the patient while wearing.
  • The product is an effective decongestant and cure for swelling and inflammation.
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Specifications of Kinesio Tape
Content 100% cotton
Dimensions 5 cm х 5 m
Elasticity 120% to 140%, coincides the skin and muscle elasticity
Adhesive Layer hypoallergenic, effective at body temperature
Wearing Time 5 to 7 days
400 rub
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