Stern Derma

Multi-Purpose Polarization-Immersion Dermatoscope

Medical diagnostic dermatoscope Stern Derma is designed to perform clinical examinations of skin surfaces and to study etiology of pigment stains, nevi, and melanomas for the purpose of early diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms. Stern Derma combines classic immersion dermatoscopy (non-polarized), polarized dermatoscopy, and "blink sign" method depending on the required examination. Toggle between various modes with the press of a button.
Advantages of Stern Derma
Toggle Between the Modes With the Press of a Button
Conveniently alternate between polarized and non-polarized views with the press of a button. No need for change of contact plates. Allows recognition of the “Blink Sign” when observing crystalline structures and presence of milia cysts, increasing diagnostic function. Perform general dermatological examination using the device without the contact plate as a magnifying lens.
High Quality LED
in the Russian market
The new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity, homogeneity and colour rendering for the most accurate diagnosis.
Color temperature: 5,000 K.
Precision Optics
High quality, achromatic optical system provides unmatched sharpness and resolution. Focusing system provides for 10x to 12x magnification for recognition of even the smallest details and structures.
Brightness Control
When pressing one of two buttons on the device, brightness will decrease by 50% and a half of the indicators will be switched off. This will produce sidelight, which will give more contrast to examine pigment stains.
Measurements During the Examination
Contact plate with a measuring scale allows for measurements to be taken during an examination.
High Output Battery
The included battery (3600 maH capacity) enables the device to be used for two weeks
without charging.
Multi-purpose polarization-immersion dermatoscope STERN Derma for contact and non-contact dermatoscopy (3-in-1 dermatoscope)
  • Optimal for Early Skin Cancer and Lumps Diagnostics
  • Differential Diagnosis of Any Pigmented Skin Lesions
  • Early Diagnosis of Melanotic Cancer
  • Identification of Skin Surface Structure
  • Identification of Body Hair and Nails State
  • Distinguishing Non-Melanocyte from Malignant Neoplasms
  • Accurate Diagnosis and Deciding on Possible Surgical Treatment
Complete with a quick-change contact plate with or without a scale
Diode Type 4+4 RGB diodes
Brightness 15 lx – 50 lx
Lens Type 4 ahromatic high resolution lenses
Lens Resolution in the Center Over 130 l/mm
Lens Resolution on the Edges Under 80 l/mm
Viewing Field 150 mm for 12x / 200 mm for 10x
Focusing -6 to +3.5 diopters
Diodes CRI90 (color rendering index>90)
LED Spectrum
LED Spectrum
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