ENT Treatment Unit Stern OtoConcept

The modern ENT Treatment Unit STERN OtoConcept contains everything that an ENT doctor needs. The stylish and laconic main block made of high-quality sheet steel can be painted with resistant powder paint in any colors at the request of the client. The treatment unit was created for the European market, assembled from European components (Germany, Italy).

We are pleased to present to your attention a modern ENT Treatment Unit STERN, which is in no way inferior in its characteristics to those of European manufacturers, but at the same time is more affordable. To create an ENT Treatment Unit STERN, we compared all existing on the Russian market ENT treatment units , and took only the best and necessary elements for the doctor's operations. The ENT Treatment Unit STERN is distinguished by a strict laconic design, its composition is dominated by European-made components, the main block of the ENT treatment unit is made of high-quality sheet steel.
Specifications of the ENT Treatment Unit Stern OtoConcept
The main block of the ENT Treatment Unit
Sheet steel.
Resistant powder coating.
A large list of colors.
Hidden 4 wheels for the ENT Treatment Unit movement.
Quick mirror heating
Stable temperature air flow. Protection against exceeding the set temperature. Automatic shutdown.
Storage and placement system for tools and devices
4 drawers with smooth silent closers.
Retractable surface for use as a table.
The upper bunk compartment is heated to accommodate trays with tools, with a transparent acrylic lid.
Built-in UV lamps inside the first drawer to maintain the sterility of the instruments.
Wall shelf for placement of additional equipment.
Suction system
Suction pump capacity 42 l/min.
Smooth rotary adjustment of the suction pump power.
Automatic activation of the system when removed from the holder.
Mechanical pressure gauge for monitoring the vacuum in the suction pump.
Automatic hose washing system of the suction pump with a built-in tank for disinfectant solution.
A funnel bowl for washing the ear.
The capacity of the suction pump tank is 4.5 liters with triple overflow protection.
Washing system
An earwash water syringe with automatic temperature control at 37 C (+-1C).
Quick-release tank for distilled water with a capacity of 5 liters.
Smooth trigger pressure adjustment when water is supplied.
Automatic activation of the system when removed from the holder or by pressing the touch button.
Splash shield.
Compressor equipment
An insufflator with a capacity of 12 l/min.
Smooth pressure adjustment from 0 to 3.5 bar.
A set of 2 sprayers of medicines with glass containers.
Set of Politzer olives.
Constant availability of the system (built-in air receiver). The compressor is turned on automatically, as needed.
Cold light sources
Powerful (100W) built-in LED cold light source.
1-2 connectors for connecting fiber optic cable.
Switching on and adjusting the brightness of the lighting by means of touch buttons.
The color temperature of the illuminator is 5700 K.
Heated endoscope storage
2 holders for storing and disinfecting endoscopes.
Heating of endoscopes.
Plastic and glass flasks for endoscopes.
In addition:
  • LCD display on the front panel
  • Displaying information about the activation of systems, accidents and maintenance requirements for the ENT Treatment Unit in Russian
  • Accurate diagnosis and determination of the possibility of surgical intervention
  • Patient DBMS storage
  • Digital endoscopic system
  • The possibility of connecting a microscope
  • The ability to connect the camera
  • Monitor suspension capability
  • Digital Otoscope
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