Stern UniLOR
Modern ENT combine containing everything that an ENT doctor needs
Stern Talmo
Reliable and functional ophthalmologist workplace with 1 drive
Stern Opton
The first ophthalmological screen projector of signs with vertical orientation
Stern SteriLife
Designed for disinfection of indoor air, both in the presence and in the absence of people
Stern Lift
Reliable and compact instrument table with electric drive for one device
Stern Lift 2
Reliable and compact instrument table with electric drive for two devices
Stern Otoscan
The first portable audiometer with bone conduction
Stern Otoscan Pro
High-quality desktop audiometer
Stern SinuscopePro
Designed for the study of the maxillary and frontal sinuses of the nose by echosinusoscopy
Stern Otoview Pro Otoscope
For the study of the auditory canal, eardrum and pneumotoscopy.
Stern Kinesio tape
A revolutionary taping technique to support muscles and tendons
Stern Derma
Universal polarizing immersion dermatoscope STERN Derma
Stern Scientific LED
Colposcope is a professional medical equipment that is used in the diagnosis of diseases in the field of gynecology and obstetrics
Double-C USB
Innovative rechargeable Li-ion battery with built-in USB storage
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