• Otoscan Audiometer

    Stern OtoScan is a table-type audiometer for bone and air conductivity examination. The device allows performing a variety of tests, including automatic tests: ABLB, STENGER, Tone-in-Noise, SISI, Stenge.

Stern Otoscan Innovations
Narrowband and broadband masking
Frequency range for air conductivity – 125 to 8,000 Hz
ABLB, STENGER, Tone-in-Noise, SISI, Stenge tests
Frequency range for bone conductivity - 500-4000 Hz
Stern OtoScan Advantages
The device is equipped with a touch screen, has a user-friendly interface and perfectly suits for contemporary medical offices. The audiometer is supplied with DD45headphones, a patient response button and a bone emitter (for Otoscan 202 model).
  • Ability to connect a keyboard and a mouse
  • Wide power range - from 0 to 124 dB
  • 11 test frequencies
  • Patient response button
  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • Survey data is stored on the internal SD-card
  • Power supply both from the battery or mains
Comparison of models
Differing         All options Otoscan 201
Otoscan 202
Bone conductivity No Yes
Bone emitter No Yes
Speech audiometry No No
Housing Aluminum Aluminum
SD card Yes Yes
Auto mode Yes Yes
Plotting Yes Yes
Headphones DD45 (included in supply) DD45 (included in supply)
Customer testimonials

Advantages: Good price, quality, reliability.

Disadvantages: No automatic testing, you have to buy bone conduction separately, it is not always convenient to carry the doc station with you.

Comment: The first impression is very good. High-quality plastic, everything is simple and reliable.

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