• Otoscan Portable Audiometer

    The world's first portable audiometer with a bone conductivity measurement function

Stern Otoscan Innovations
Low price
An up-to-date digital architecture ensures the lowest cost of production.
The audiometer is powered by Li-Pol batteries that provide up to 6 hours of continuous operation.
High accuracy
The latest generation 32-bit digital-to-analog converter provides the sound calibration and reproduction accuracy of up to 0.1 dB.
Bone conduction
The specially designed power source ensures an unparalleled power for portable audiometers of 110 dB.
Stern Otoscan Advantages
Stern Otoscan is used for bone and air conduction examination. The physician records the results of studies on the audiogram forms.
  • Convenient docking station for charging
  • Ease of operation
  • Wide frequency range - from 100 to 8,000 Hz
  • Wide power range - from 0 to 110 dB
  • Power supply both from the battery or mains
  • Air and bone conductivity
  • Patient response button (optional)
Frequency response function
Accessories included in the supply
I have an ordinary signs projector. In what way is the screen projector different?
Stern Opton Screen Projection is an automatic optotypes displaying system which displays a wide range of diagrams on the LCD panel. Optotypes are switched by a wireless remote control.
I am a trade company representative. What are the terms and conditions for distributors?
Models comparing
Differing         All options Otoscan 101
Otoscan 102
Volume adjustment step 1 dB 1 dB
Minimum volume 0 dB 0 dB
Automatic hearing test No No
Docking station Yes Yes
Response button No Yes
Bone emitter B72 B72
Headphones DD45 DD45
Powering from a battery Yes Yes
Powering from mains Yes Yes
Customer testimonials

Advantages: Good price, quality, reliability.

Disadvantages: No automatic testing, you have to buy bone conduction separately, it is not always convenient to carry the doc station with you.

Comment: The first impression is very good. High-quality plastic, everything is simple and reliable.

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