• Stern Talmo

    Reliable and Ergonomic Eye Doctor's Workstation

  • Stern Talmo

    Reliable and Ergonomic Eye Doctor's Workstation

  • Stern Talmo

    Reliable and Ergonomic Eye Doctor's Workstation

Features of Talmo
Talmo is an affordable, reliable, and ergonomic eye doctor's workstation for two instruments featuring the following:
  • 01 Turning in-and-out table for two instruments;
  • 02 Ability to set the lens case
  • 03 Electric elevation of the rotation chair;
  • 04 Chair height and lamp brightness are regulated from the central touch panel;
  • 05 Upper LED lamp;
  • 06 Holder for a chart projector;
  • 07 Choice of 12 color combinations!
Advantages of the Talmo Workstation
  • Space Effective Instrument Layout
  • Сonvenient and Comfortable for Doctors
  • Modern and Classy Design
  • Highly Comfortable for a Patient
  • Much Faster Complex Examination of a Patient
Create Your Own Workstation
01 Choose Your Color


Sky Blue
Pastel Green
Orange - White
Grey - White
Black - White
Ocean + 10,000 rub
Jungle + 10,000 rub
Custom Coloring
+ 15,000 rub


02 Lens Case
Case 43х23х55 + 6,000 rub
No Case


Total: 181,000 rub
Dimensions and Weight



Reviews (3)

Advantages: VERY good quality design. We placed two instruments on the table and it didn't sag a millimeter. It looks amazing. And the price is good too.

Disadvantages: Drivers are a bit noisy, no phoropter. Coating is not very resistant, we scratched the table during the operation.

March 10, 2017, Moscow

Advantages: We purchased the Ophthalmic Workstation to set Auto Refractor-Keratometer and a slit-lamp. Very pleasant coloring and high quality material.

Disadvantages: It was quite difficult to move it into the office, since only the chair and the lamp arm can be removed.

December 5, 2016, Moscow

Advantages: Seamless, resistant medical faux leather chair that can be of any color you choose.

Disadvantages: None have been detected yet.

Comment: Overall, I'm satisfied.

February 15, 2016, according to oral information provided by a doctor in Moscow
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